Tajen: Interactive

An interactive web documentary on the Balinese cockfight

Cockfighting is an ancient and controversial blood sport practiced around the world. Tajen: Interactive, a web documentary made by visual anthropologists, uses different modes of representation to evoke and explain the cultural, historical, and psychological aspects of cockfighting in Negara, Bali. Sensory ethnography allows an uninterrupted flow of sights and sounds. Expository documentary uses traditional interview and b-roll to delve into personal opinion. Creative shorts using mixed media, kinetic animation, and whiteboard drawings bring relevant concepts to life. This diverse approach entertains and educates as viewers navigate the material and create their own interactive journey through the world of cockfighting.

Director: Robert Lemelson
Co-Director: Briana Young
Producer: Robert Lemelson
Director of Phoography: Briana Young
Writer: Annie Tucker
Editor: Briana Young
UI Designer: Irine Prastio
UX Designer: Yee Ie