Memory of My Face @ Amorosi Teatro Festival

Memory of My Face has been officially selected to be part of the Amorosi Teatro Festival  in Italy on July 12, 2013 at 8:30pm at the Cortile Cioffi Amorosi.

At Amorosi Theatre festival, theatrical fiction thus enters into real life and everyday life is measured by the exceptional. A collective ritual that helps to recover the sense of community because accumuna in freedom to dream, laugh, cry, feel, vent, drain, act and react. One of the most intriguing opportunities of the theater is precisely the possibility to compare and, at times, bare: relationships, feelings, personality, loneliness individual and collective inconvenience. The idea is to tell conflicts, separation, sorrow, denied identities, rediscovered, giving voice to the stories of freedom and love. The festival, along new routes, also offers testing, staging contemporary scripts, without losing sight of the classics and the Italian comedy.